Bible Students Publications exists to provide literature for Bible Student congregations throughout the United States. Please review the “Tracts” and “Booklets” tabs above to see what is currently available. We will print an ecclesia’s own address and other relevant information on each tract or booklet. Printing is offered  FREE WITHOUT COST. Only shipping charges will be billed. The minimum order for tracts is 500, and the maximum is 5,000, per item per year. For booklets, the minimum order is 300 with a maximum of 2,000 per item per year. Under the “Videos” tab you will see the DVD’s that are now available. These can be ordered in any quantity with your own classes information printed on the face of the disk.
You can download a PDF  for every tract and booklet simply by clicking on the “Download PDF” button. This is done so you can read the  contents of each tract or booklet before ordering. The videos are posted as well so you can see the contents of each.
 To place an order, or if you have any questions, please navigate to the “Contact Us” tab.