Bible Students Publications was established in 1966. When the Reprints were no longer available, several brethren in the Chicago Bible Students ecclesia started discussing the possibility of privately purchasing a press to reprint them. After the Chicago Ecclesia gave its blessing to the idea, private funds were pooled, and the decision was made to purchase the necessary used equipment. A small single color printing press, a paper cutter and a folder were acquired. Space was rented in an old warehouse where the work could be done. The Lord provided two full time, consecrated volunteer workers. They, together with a few brethren printing in the evenings, accomplished the task of printing 1,000 sets of Reprints in approximately 2 years. As sections of each book were printed, brethren from the Chicago Class gathered each Saturday to hand collate them. This was done in the basement of one of the brethren’s home. The collated books were then transported to a commercial book binder for finishing.

When the Reprints were complete, the equipment was used to produce other material from the writings of Bro. Russell, such as Pastor Russell’s Sermons, The Covenant Book, The Question Book, and The Overland Monthly. Since then, countless tracts, booklets and DVD’s have been made available to many ecclesias throughout the Unites States and other countries. We are now on our 5th generation of printing equipment and located  in a 4,500 sq. ft. building in Franklin Park, Illinois where the work continues. It is an ongoing privilege to share the message of truth with any listening ear.

To encourage the spread of truth we are now offering the tracts, booklets and DVD’s shown on this site,  printed with local ecclesia addresses, to brethren in our fellowship. This is offered  FREE WITHOUT COST. Only shipping charges will be billed. The minimum order for tracts is 500, and the maximum is 5,000, per item per year. For booklets, the minimum order is 300 with a maximum of 2,000, per item per year. DVD’s can be ordered in any quantity.

Bible Students Publications Inc is a 501(c)(3) IRS recognized tax exempt nonprofit organization, overseen by four consecrated brethren who are of the Chicago Bible Students ecclesia. Other brethren also share in the production work. To place an order, or if you have any questions, please write to us at